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By MISS KITTY, May 12 2015 09:31PM

This will be the last entry on SubmissiveKitty - I have started a new website based around corporal punishment Please note that I will still be available for rope bondage sessions, tickle torture sessions and submissive sessions with existing Masters.

For this reason I have TWO (very very late) blogs that I am sure you will all find amusing!

I know I am likely to get punished on both counts for lateness but when you see the beautiful new spanking site I have created, you will understand why.

Birthday Victory!!

Master R’s unique challenges, I have blogged about them on many occasions, but the challenge that took place back in April was very special!

Master R has always been so creative with tasks, games and challenges that enrich every session we have together.

After receiving punishments for my latest failings on a previous challenge. I stood with a rosy bottom and a wave of relief that I had paid my penance. Master R then took this opportunity to send me off to fetch a drink and when I returned I was presented with a special ‘Birthday Girl Challenge’ mystery envelope! The envelope was large and white with two faces on the front. One smiley. One sad.

The envelope reads;

"Birthday Girl Challenge:

Inside this envelope are two birthday cards, one of them you will like, the other not so much.

They have different faces on them but this could be a bluff (the smiley one could be the one you don’t want - who knows)

Any time after midnight on Wednesday evening you are to select ONE OR THE OTHER.

Then you will see what you have ‘won’ YOU MUST NOT OPEN THE OTHER ENVELOPE.

When you have opened the chosen envelope comply with the instructions on the back of the card. This procedure must be done before your Birthday ends.

Good luck”

I said goodbye to Master R and like a good girl left the envelope on the living room table when I got home, until Wednesday April 9th rolled around! It was hard. I like having a big red button that reads “do not push” - I so badly wanted to tear into the envelope!!

When the big day came I was so distracted by the mornings events, I managed to overlook the envelope on the oak dining table. When I arrived home in the afternoon - there is was! I rushed over, grabbed it and splayed the contents out in front of me, ready to make my decision.

One thing you must know is that Master R is very clever indeed. He uses many aspects of gameplay to gain information on a girls likes and dislikes for maximum impact when it comes to forfeits and punishments! I DID NOT want to get this wrong!!

Equally one has to consider how fair and generous Master R can be…a win is ALWAYS a win and a treat is always a TREAT!

As promised, the large envelope held two smaller envelopes. One with a smiley face and the other a sad face, both envelopes had a bright blue question mark and read “Is this the one I should pick?” written on the front.

I held each envelope up to the light, It was a long shot but as suspected Master R had carefully concealed the contents to ensure NO CHEATING.

I was convinced that Master R would place the cards strategically in the envelopes!

Since there was emphasis that the prize COULD be in the ‘sad’ card, I decided to go for the ‘happy’ card…I think Master R would have assumed I would pick the ‘sad’ card hoping it would contain the happy prize….is this classed as a double bluff? I’m not sure? …but what I AM sure of is that when I made my choice and ripped open the ‘smiley’ envelope - I WON! The card contained a birthday bonus and a note that explained that with the money I could buy myself a bottle of Champagne to celebrate, since I won…but had I picked differently, I would not have been so lucky and would have ended up ’winning' a humiliating forfeit involving my own personal Champagne!! (Phew!)

The back of the card read:


You chose correctly (It could have been worse)

Please text “I got lucky” to 07** **** ***

by 23.59 hrs on Thursday evening.

I will acknowledge your text.


Mr Suited and Booted

Mater M - one of my favourite sensual Masters returned after a longs absence. The first time I blogged about Master M I passed comment on how he always rocks up looking and smelling just like a Master should. Handsome, suited, booted and smelling of delicious aftershave.

I have known Master M since the very beginning of my career and he has always been a polite-delight! Which is exactly why it shames me to have to admit to letting him down on more than one occasion to deliver a blog about our time spent together in the Dungeon.

We always start the session with some mild sensory play with blindfolds and fingertips, then Sir likes to re-cap our last meet and review the basic rules. Smack bottoms and floggings are to follow as I find myself strapped to the whipping bench with my bare ass in the air, at the mercy of the tantalising floggers and Masters palm…

Once suitably rosy we played with some of my new restraint toys, the cold metal on my nude flesh made me feel vulnerable whilst Sir tormented and teased me further. Master M made use of the stretching rack too and as soon as my feet were retained in the correct position, i knew EXACTLY what was to come next…

My feet are extremely ticklish!! And Sir just happens to adore my little size fours - and so the inevitable tickle torture began! The game started with a few innocent questions about our previous encounters. If my memory was good, no punishment but if the question was answered incorrectly or not at all - the furious attack of fingers would begin on the soles of my sensitive little feet. With my wrists strapped down there was nothing I could do to stop the torment and I was at the mercy of my own failing memory!!

I was also punished for neglecting to remember that I had agreed write a blog about the last time we played and he continued to tickle as I screamed and squirmed!! He made me PROMISE it write a blog this time, he continues to tickle my feet until I spit out a date that Master could expect to see the blurb published. I shouted "BY TOMORROW SIR!! I PRRRRRRRRROMISEEEE!”

What have we learnt? Kitty will say ANYTHING when under tickle attack!!

Sorry for the lateness of this blog Mater M - I will expect my next punishment in due course.

For bookings and further info, contact me at;


Tel: 0779 446 3523 - As usual - no texts - no withheld numbers - no calls at unsociable hours.

Please save my new site address for future updates.

By MISS KITTY, Apr 6 2015 12:32PM

It has been a while since I posted and without a doubt I will be punished for that sooner or later!

Firstly a short tale about my latest spanking escapades as a naughty executive at a lingerie firm - enjoy!


The fim was a large business, run by many powerful ladies, all of whom dressed in the companies signature, high-class lingerie. All employees wore fully fashioned stockings, corsolettes, girdles, suspenders or corsetry on a daily basis around the office. The one male office member was, understandably, driven to distraction and as a result, he often found himself at the hands of his strict disciplinarian boss. Corporal punishment was an integral part of the company motto and was always strictly enforced.

After receiving a spanking and strapping from his boss for 'inappropriate leering’ over his female co-workers, it was deemed he was enjoying himself too much being bent over a stocking clad lap, so ‘Mr X’ was sent off to deliver a punishment to me, on behalf of our office manageress.

I was unaware I had done anything wrong. I sat in my white corsolette working away when Mr X came into my office and informed me that I had been suspected of stealing clients numbers from the books and selling them my used knickers!! I hardly had time to protest my innocence before I was over his lap receiving a strict bare bottom spanking!

I was armed with the knowledge that Mr X had been punished by the office manageress for letchy behaviour and was often heard yelping down them corridor while all the girls tittered in amusement!

I decided to use this to my advantage and after my bottom was suitably rosy. As he reached for the strap I commented on how I was aware of his stocking fetish and suggested he might like to worship mine…he excitedly obliged and I enjoyed some sensual stocking worship. Just as I was starting to think I have cleverly avoided another punishment Mr X remarked that I still hadn’t taken my strapping and insisted I bend over the desk and count the strokes as he was eager to inflict what he had just received!

When my arse became red and sore I decided enough was enough and put all my efforts into flirting and distracting Mr X from punishing me, I stroked my stockings, flipped my hair and stroked his nipples. All at once, we heard the office manageress’ heels clicking briskly down the corridor and she BURST through door and demanded to know what was going on! She was dressed to the nines in black stockings suspenders, shiny black heels and vintage bra and glared down at us both.

We were both summoned to her office for further punishments and forced to humiliatingly re-enact what we had been doing in her absence so that the appropriate number of cane strokes could be administered to our bare behinds….


In current Kitty news;

I have been working hard on a website behind the scenes dedicated solely to Corporal Punishments and Domestic Discipline both ways. The New website will be packed with information, new photo sets and images of my new domestic venue.

Launching Soon...


Sessions available Tuesday 7th at the Eccles venue and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at my new venue based two miles from Bury centre. I will be taking Thursday off as it is my 30th Birthday!!

Please book with 24 hours notice to avoid disappointment, same day bookings are sometimes available if we have met before and are best booked before 12.00noon.


Tel: 0779 446 3523 - As usual - no texts - no withheld numbers - no calls at unsociable hours.

By MISS KITTY, Jan 2 2015 03:34PM


New plans for the new year! As of Monday, I will be now available from a new venue based less than two miles from Bury.

I have just finished putting the finishing touches to my new domestic/spanking room and am very excited to break in all my lovely new furniture, spanking implements and of course to make many new naughty memories there!

There is also a large dungeon in the works which is very close to being finished (still awaiting new blinds and the all-important bondage bench!)

The venue is conveniently situated and easily reachable by most rail, metrolink and motorway networks and has free discreet private parking.

I will still be available from the Eccles premises for existing bookings and for any clients who find it to be a more convenient venue, although advanced bookings would be necessary unless you happen to catch me at the right place at the right time!

For those who are new to this site, current photographs of the venue are from the Eccles premises. Please check back for photographic updates of the new venue which I will be arranging in the coming weeks.

Lastly a HUGE thank you to those who have helped me with equipment, moving, decorating and for all your support along the way! I couldn’t be more grateful!

For bookings at either venue, please contact me via;


Phone: 0779 446 3523 weekdays between 9am and 7pm (No withheld numbers OR texts please)

By MISS KITTY, Jan 2 2015 02:42PM

Master R and I have, over the years, enjoyed many sessions. There are always challenges and forfeits to watch out for as Master R likes to keep naughty girls on their toes! Sir has always been a creative Dom and fair with his punishments (despite at times, my streaks of insolence, complaints, brattish behaviour and general non-compliance) ...every Christmas there is an extra special session that Master R meticulously plans, with added challenges, forfeits, prizes, cash bonuses and more!! I should be more grateful really and stop my bad behaviour but sometimes I just can’t help myself!

This year submissive Aimee and I were asked to arrive in a Christmas themed outfits (as you can see from the picture my efforts could have been better!) The second thing we had to do was work out the clues to Master R’s Christmas puzzle and name three Christmas songs (clues to these songs were delivered by email weeks before the session) then we were to study the relevant Christmas songs ready for the Christmas quiz.

Submissive Aimee and I guessed two out of three songs correctly. Unfortunately as a result, we did not reach Master R’s quota for correct answers when we handed in our final quiz on the day of the session and so were dealt a forfeit each. These forfeits were picked at random from a list of 6 things Aimee and I HATE.

My forfeit was to publish a blog about my failings before the 1st of January 2015. Photos were taken as an extra humiliation at the time of my failure and were supposed to accompany this blog.

I suspect submissive Aimee thought it would be funny to withhold these photographs and as a result, I failed the task and Master R too.

What you must know about Master R…he is a very fair man. I know that if I had taken the time to email him before the 1st with a polite excuse or compensatory poem, perhaps I would not find myself in the position I am in today. Issued with a penalty card and additional forfeit that I am certainly NOT going to enjoy as much as I did writing this blog!!

I am SO sorry Master R!! I really am!! I beg of you not to spank my naughty bottom out in the cold again or make me take a cold shower!!

A very sorry Kitty x

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