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  • Whooping Ass and Licking Boot! - A Thank You Blog

    This blog is a very special thanks to two Masters in particular...

    I have been very fortunate to have some superb sessions, allowing me to indulge in every kinky fantasy under the sun for which I feel very lucky!

    Speaking of whooping ass, one of the Masters I have to thank is Mr Poker, who recently returned to the Study to give my bottom a jolly-good chastising for my sins before lighting up my life with a gift that I have been lusting after for months…Stripy beetle-juice style trousers! (laugh if you want, I love them!)

    Mr Poker often surprises me and I suspect loves to see me react…weather it be with special wooden hairbrushes baring down on my backside, or the smile on my face when he bestows me with treats for taking my punishments so well! Being a kinky little pixie, I don’t know which I prefer!

    Thank you Mr Poker! xxx


    Boots are a thing of beauty and in my opinion, they deserve a good licking!! But to some it would be perhaps controversial to ask a professional spankee to lick boot as well as taking a beating with a plethora of leather implements!……However, this is one very special session I do offer for one very special Master!

    My riding Master always takes care to ensure he never exposes me to filth and grime. He insists his boots are appropriately clean enough for a lady to lick…in return for my lickings (as gratitude for my spankings & croppings!) Sir often lavishes me with gifts…boots and shoes (which I treasure!)

    We are both admirers of the finer things and share our love of black leather boots and delicious patent leather stilettos which present the bottom so perfectly for punishment!

    …So I took these pictures in some of my finery to add to this very special thank you blog!

    Thank you Riding Master M! xxxx

    Heres to many more happy spankings!

    Love Kitty x


    To book a session please contact me giving at least 24 hours notice.

    I will be away on Thursday 13th Feb so please contact me via email as my phone may be off.

    Email: kittycupcake@hotmail.co.uk

    Tel: 0779 446 3523 - As usual - no texts - no withheld numbers - no calls at unsociable hours.



  • The correct way to spank your lady...

    I am lucky enough to have a close circle of trusted spankers and switches I session with on a frequent basis, we enjoy everything from naughty schoolgirl roleplay to gambling punishment games...

    However, I acknowledge there are still some of you out there who have never fully indulged yourselves in that life-long fantasy. Whatever the reason, I urge you to bite the bullet and get some spanking experience under your belt! For all spankers new to the scene, I always stress the importance of a warm-up and so I thought I may as we'll expand my teachings to those of you who have yet to spank a lady...

    Rule No1 - Always cup your hand!

    Closed fingers and cupped palm (as if you were holding an 'rosy' apple in the palm of your hand)

    Rule No2 - Build up slowly...

    Start gently and build steadily, a nice pink glow should always be achieved before any implements are introduced to a lady's derrière!

    Rule No3 - Avoid the following areas;

    The lower back and hips are easy to catch, especially with straps and canes.

    The thighs are another spot to avoid, take extra care especially if your spankee is in the 'diaper position'

    Rule No4 - Always respect limits

    Always agree a safe word, especially if you are playing with a new submissive and ensure your spankee is fully informed about the levels you intend to punish to.


    If in doubt, you can always opt to take a spanking yourself, the best spankers in my opinion are always those who have taken the time to achieve a higher level of empathy for their spankee’s!

    For further information, or to book a session please contact:

    Email: kittycupcake@hotmail.co.uk

    Tel: 0779 446 3523 - As usual - no texts - no withheld numbers - no calls at unsociable hours.

    All bookings taken 24hours in advance.

    Miss Kitty x



  • With Thanks...

    Many thanks to all that attended the Cancer Research Spanking Party!! I am happy to report we collectively managed to raise a whopping £1,548.05 to donate to Cancer Research!!

    I would like to express my deepest thanks to submissive Aimee for spearheading this amazing charity event! And of course to all the girls who donated their time and bottoms for this great cause.

    Love and Spanks

    Kitty x

    P.S. - I will be unavailable for bookings Wednesday 11th of December

    Please book with 24 hours notice to avoid disappointment, same day bookings are sometimes available if we have met before and are best booked before 12.00noon.

    Email: kittycupcake@hotmail.co.uk

    Tel: 0779 446 3523 - As usual - no texts - no withheld numbers - no calls at unsociable hours.



  • SPANK! For Cancer Research!!

    This November Aimee, Buffy, Kitty and friends are teaming up raise money for cancer research by holding a spanking party. Not only is this a great opportunity to meet and spank some of the Northwests finest spankee's ALL the money raised will go to Charity.

    The party will take place 1pm-3pm (possibly longer depending on popularity) on the 27th November

    Tickets are £60 which includes being able to spank all the ladies involved, 5 so far, the option to be punished yourself, drinks and cakes. Miss Buffy Brown will also be offering out Judicial canings to anyone who feels brave enough.

    As well as spanking the naughty girls involved implements ranging from paddles, straps and canes will be available to use for £1 per stroke.

    To find out a little more about the ladies involved visit our sites -




    It's going to be a great day in aid of a great cause!

    For further details or to book a ticket contact Aimee on 07907390715



  • Secretary Learns a Lesson (or two!)

    Sir likes me dressed in my smartest shirt and a pencil skirt which must rest below the knee. Uniform about this office is strict and only black stockings are allowed. Tarty thongs are a no no and suspenders are a must.

    Secretaries in this office are to comply with all rules and regulations, and that includes Sirs firm stance on negative re-enforcement. Corporal punishments and chastisements are dished out where necessary and let me tell you, I have been on the receiving end a few times lately!

    When called into Sirs office, he always has a smile on his face and a glint in his eye…I suspect he knows what an 'impact' he is about to make on my behaviour.

    Although my failure to comply does not neccissarily get me into Sirs good books, I have to confess, I do it because his cool style and artistic view on the world appeals greatly to the romanticist in me, and I know Sir appreciates watching me as I shamefully pull down my knickers and ask him to spank me before gazing in the mirror at my reddened posterior, perfectly framed with two black suspender straps.

    The smell of cigarettes and sumptuous leather is strangely alluring when you are draped elegantly over the lap of your superior, receiving a good old fashioned smack bottom!

    For spanky antics with Miss Kitty please contact;

    Email: kittycupcake@hotmail.co.uk

    Phone: 0779 446 3523 - no texts or withheld numbers

    - Phone available Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm

    Miss Kitty x

    Manchester spankee & switch




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