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By fetishkitty, Jan 2 2015 03:34PM


New plans for the new year! As of Monday, I will be now available from a new venue based less than two miles from Bury.

I have just finished putting the finishing touches to my new domestic/spanking room and am very excited to break in all my lovely new furniture, spanking implements and of course to make many new naughty memories there!

There is also a large dungeon in the works which is very close to being finished (still awaiting new blinds and the all-important bondage bench!)

The venue is conveniently situated and easily reachable by most rail, metrolink and motorway networks and has free discreet private parking.

I will still be available from the Eccles premises for existing bookings and for any clients who find it to be a more convenient venue, although advanced bookings would be necessary unless you happen to catch me at the right place at the right time!

For those who are new to this site, current photographs of the venue are from the Eccles premises. Please check back for photographic updates of the new venue which I will be arranging in the coming weeks.

Lastly a HUGE thank you to those who have helped me with equipment, moving, decorating and for all your support along the way! I couldn’t be more grateful!

For bookings at either venue, please contact me via;


Phone: 0779 446 3523 weekdays between 9am and 7pm (No withheld numbers OR texts please)

By fetishkitty, Jan 2 2015 02:42PM

Master R and I have, over the years, enjoyed many sessions. There are always challenges and forfeits to watch out for as Master R likes to keep naughty girls on their toes! Sir has always been a creative Dom and fair with his punishments (despite at times, my streaks of insolence, complaints, brattish behaviour and general non-compliance) ...every Christmas there is an extra special session that Master R meticulously plans, with added challenges, forfeits, prizes, cash bonuses and more!! I should be more grateful really and stop my bad behaviour but sometimes I just can’t help myself!

This year submissive Aimee and I were asked to arrive in a Christmas themed outfits (as you can see from the picture my efforts could have been better!) The second thing we had to do was work out the clues to Master R’s Christmas puzzle and name three Christmas songs (clues to these songs were delivered by email weeks before the session) then we were to study the relevant Christmas songs ready for the Christmas quiz.

Submissive Aimee and I guessed two out of three songs correctly. Unfortunately as a result, we did not reach Master R’s quota for correct answers when we handed in our final quiz on the day of the session and so were dealt a forfeit each. These forfeits were picked at random from a list of 6 things Aimee and I HATE.

My forfeit was to publish a blog about my failings before the 1st of January 2015. Photos were taken as an extra humiliation at the time of my failure and were supposed to accompany this blog.

I suspect submissive Aimee thought it would be funny to withhold these photographs and as a result, I failed the task and Master R too.

What you must know about Master R…he is a very fair man. I know that if I had taken the time to email him before the 1st with a polite excuse or compensatory poem, perhaps I would not find myself in the position I am in today. Issued with a penalty card and additional forfeit that I am certainly NOT going to enjoy as much as I did writing this blog!!

I am SO sorry Master R!! I really am!! I beg of you not to spank my naughty bottom out in the cold again or make me take a cold shower!!

A very sorry Kitty x

By fetishkitty, Sep 6 2014 11:39AM

There is no doubt in my mind that naughty schoolgirls and hopeless secretaries always have been, and will always continue to be, the favourite characters for corporal punishment scenarios. Nothing wrong with that and I play them very well indeed (if I do say so myself!) This almost seems like I am stating the obvious, but lately things have taken an interesting turn…

Perhaps this is because of the ‘Tip’ at the end of my ‘The correct way to spank your lady” blog? Maybe? but more and more of you seem to be switching it up and adding an interesting twist at the end of your sessions.

So not only have I been playing the naughty schoolgirl and the hopeless secretary lately, but I have also been paying the schoolgirl bully, vengeful head girl and disgruntled secretary too!! Turning round after taking my well deserved punishments and dishing out more and more spankings and caning's of my own!! …to those who request it of course! I can’t say I’m complaining as I really do enjoy this not-so-guilty pleasure!!

One particular gentleman I have been playing with recently has been exploring his fetish from every angle and I have been lucky enough to be his number one choice for these role-plays.

Our most recent series of sessions explores traditional corporal punishment both ways with an additional kinky twist. I do not want to go into heavy detail as to how i exacted my wicked revenge but lets just say it was a very interesting afternoon, punctuated with the arrival of this delightful gift as a reminder of punishments to come….BOTH ways!!

By fetishkitty, May 7 2014 09:38AM

The good girl dress is a novel idea brought to me by one of my disciplinarians, Mr Poker (mentioned in previous blogs)

The idea being that every naughty girl deserves a good girl dress BUT she may only wear it when she has actually been "a good girl"

And what is it that good girls are supposed to do?

Why they take their punishments like a good girl of course!! Every naughty girl deserves punishment and every girl who takes her punishment well, deserves to wear a good girl dress - simple!

Admittedly not as simple as taking a good hiding from a wooden hairbrush hard across my arse!

Naughty girls are put into their full uniform with ironed shirt jumper tie, blazer, black tie and pleated skirt.

Mr Poker believes a uniform is not uniform unless you have been "put" into it...and he is most certainly right.

I will never forget the itch of the jumper, the horrible boxy shoulders on the blazer and my unattractive flat brown school shoes. The horror!

After a good round over the skirt with the hand, a good hard slippering on the bare and the brute force of the hairbrush across my botty, some kicking (which resulted in slapped legs) screeching and clenching I had finally earned my reward!

A clean slate and most importantly of "good girl dress"!!

Please book with 24 hours notice to avoid disappointment, same day bookings are sometimes available if we have met before and are best booked before 12.00noon.


Tel: 0779 446 3523 - As usual - no texts - no withheld numbers - no calls at unsociable hours.

By fetishkitty, Feb 12 2014 03:03PM

This blog is a very special thanks to two Masters in particular...

I have been very fortunate to have some superb sessions, allowing me to indulge in every kinky fantasy under the sun for which I feel very lucky!

Speaking of whooping ass, one of the Masters I have to thank is Mr Poker, who recently returned to the Study to give my bottom a jolly-good chastising for my sins before lighting up my life with a gift that I have been lusting after for months…Stripy beetle-juice style trousers! (laugh if you want, I love them!)

Mr Poker often surprises me and I suspect loves to see me react…weather it be with special wooden hairbrushes baring down on my backside, or the smile on my face when he bestows me with treats for taking my punishments so well! Being a kinky little pixie, I don’t know which I prefer!

Thank you Mr Poker! xxx


Boots are a thing of beauty and in my opinion, they deserve a good licking!! But to some it would be perhaps controversial to ask a professional spankee to lick boot as well as taking a beating with a plethora of leather implements!……However, this is one very special session I do offer for one very special Master!

My riding Master always takes care to ensure he never exposes me to filth and grime. He insists his boots are appropriately clean enough for a lady to lick…in return for my lickings (as gratitude for my spankings & croppings!) Sir often lavishes me with gifts…boots and shoes (which I treasure!)

We are both admirers of the finer things and share our love of black leather boots and delicious patent leather stilettos which present the bottom so perfectly for punishment!

…So I took these pictures in some of my finery to add to this very special thank you blog!

Thank you Riding Master M! xxxx

Heres to many more happy spankings!

Love Kitty x


To book a session please contact me giving at least 24 hours notice.

I will be away on Thursday 13th Feb so please contact me via email as my phone may be off.


Tel: 0779 446 3523 - As usual - no texts - no withheld numbers - no calls at unsociable hours.

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